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Q: How will an Integral Service plan benefit my organization?
A: An Integral Service Plan provides proactive network support for your business.  By being proactive, many computer and network problems can be avoided without unexpected downtime.  And minimizing downtime will save you money by enabling your business to keep earning money.
Q: Won’t it cost me less money if I just paid for hourly consulting services when I needed you?
A: Not necessarily.  Besides the ability to reduce unexpected downtime, an Integral Service Plan allows for remote support and resolution.  This will allow Integra’s service technicians to respond quicker and with more knowledge of the problem – thus reducing resolution time.  Furthermore, minimum billable time per remote support incident is 15 minutes while onsite support visits typically require 1-2 hour minimums and/or travel time.  Imagine the savings if you have 5 minor support issues in a given month.  Assuming a billable rate of $100 per hour, would you rather pay $125 (1¼ hours) or $500+ (5+ hours)?  With Integral Service plans you can save big on incidental support requests by taking advantage of our remote support infrastructure.
Q: We have our own IT person in-house.  Why would we want an Integral Service Plan?
A: Monitoring and maintaining even a small office network can be a full-time job without the proper tools.  Your IT staff can make more valuable use of their time with our entry level Integral Maintenance plan.  It’s far more cost effective to subscribe to a turnkey maintenance service rather than purchase your own system
Q: We have an employee or friend who lends a hand on computer issues part-time.  Why would we want an Integral Service Plan?
A: With technology changing so rapidly, many problems can’t be detected, let alone resolved, without proper training.  Our service technicians are immersed in network technologies on a daily basis, and our service infrastructure has enabled us to implement industry best practices for all of our clients.
Q: Which operating systems can you support?
A: We primarily support Microsoft Windows-based operating systems – both server and desktop versions.  Older versions of Windows, such as Windows 98/ME/NT 4 can be supported but will not get the full benefits of an Integral Service Plan.
Q: If I subscribe to an Integral Service Plan that includes unlimited on-site support, does that cover network installations/upgrades?
A: No.  Installation and major upgrades of network infrastructure, servers, and workstations are considered outside the scope of on-site support.  However, on-site support services required for upgrading computer memory, replacing bad hard drives, and replacement of failed computers/devices are normally covered as part of the on-site support component of your service plan.
Q: Are there any technical requirements for my network to work with an Integral Service Plan?
A: Yes.  The major technical requirement for any network site is the existence of a broadband Internet connection.  For Microsoft Windows-based systems, we require Windows 2000 or later to take full advantage of monitoring and management capabilities.

Since we began on the Integral Support plan, Integra lets me know when my backup fails.  I never have to spend time checking our backup system.

And with unlimited support, I never get hit with extra charges to fix it!
– Ira Almeas, Impact Incentives & Meetings – East Hanover, NJ