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With organizations of all types and sizes becoming increasingly reliant upon their IT infrastructure, the need for maintaining a reliable, secure network has never been more important.  But unlike large enterprises, smaller organizations have less available resources for addressing that need.  This has resulted in a pattern where an organization only hires 3rd-party IT service providers to implement new systems and fix problems when they arise – which are usually detected when something breaks.  Sure, the organization only incurs an expense when an urgent problem arises, but wouldn’t it cost a whole lot less if the problem could have been resolved before something broke?  The answer many times is yes – especially when you take into account the increased downtime caused by the system failure and the resulting costs of lost productivity and decreased customer satisfaction.

Enter the Integral Service Plans – our managed service packages.  Using state of the art network management technologies, our staff can leverage their resources to provide improved IT support to your organization at a lower price than traditional service models.  The Integral Service Plans provide the benefits of enterprise IT support on a small business budget.  Available at various levels of coverage, each service plan includes the following core features which will improve overall network reliability, increase security, and extend the life of your IT assets:



24x7x365 Proactive Network Monitoring and Alerting

Detect underlying network problems before they reach critical mass, detect unauthorized network access, improve support response times, identify system bottlenecks

Patch Management

Save lost productivity and protect data by reducing risk of infections due to viruses, worms, and spy-ware

Regular Preventive Maintenance & Performance Optimization

Regularly checks PC health and performs other routine OS maintenance to increase end-user productivity

Up-to-date Asset Inventories

Efficiently keep track of deployed hardware and software, detect presence of unauthorized software applications

Secure Remote Access Framework

Greatly improves technician response times for support issues

And unlike many other managed service providers, Integra keeps its core support operations in-house.  You will not be resold to another provider who does not know your business or your network.  This way you can be comfortable knowing you will receive the same consistent level of quality, personalized service.

Integral Service Plans are available at the following coverage levels:

Integral Maintenance
Our base offering, the Integral Maintenance plan includes the core features and benefits listed above.  What makes this maintenance package unique is that it can be customized to your business schedule, which means preventive maintenance and performance optimization processes can be scheduled to run at the time of day of your choice (when PCs are not being used).  Under this plan, organizations can opt to use Integra for additional support services on an as-needed basis.

Integral Remote
With the ability for 90% of network support issues to be resolved remotely, the Integral Remote service plan includes all the benefits of Integral Maintenance and provides UNLIMITED* remote support for your network at a fixed monthly rate.  Support services cover server administration, workstations support, network printer support, firewall/VPN administration, backup administration, antivirus administration, virus and spy-ware cleanup, and more!

Integral Support
Would you like to be covered for all your IT support needs at a fixed monthly rate?  The Integral Support plan can deliver all the features of Integral Remote but with the added benefit of UNLIMITED* on-site support for those problems that require an Integra service technician on-site.  No more travel charges or minimum-length visits.

Integral Team (Limited Capacity)
This plan is our “all-inclusive” service.  Reserved for those organizations that truly value an IT staff that is integrated with their day-to-day operations, the Integral Team service plan includes all the benefits of Integral Support plus key IT management functions.  Disaster recovery planning assistance, vendor management, budgeting assistance, capacity planning, and software license management are just some of the included services.  All Integral Team members are also given access to AT-COST equipment and supply purchases from Integra, including hardware, software, printing supplies, and other products available through our distributors!  To maintain a high quality of service, membership to this plan is limited and will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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